Russell Standring

Russell Standring


Accompagnateur en 2012


A quelle(s) éditions de la Course du Cœur as-tu participé ?

This is my first CdC, but I have taken the group photographs for the kick off in Grenoble for the past few years.

How does it feel to be the first British member of the course de Coeur team?

Great. I am very happy to be asked to join the team this year. I have followed the event over the last few years and I am really happy to be part of the team in 2012.




How long have you been in France?

Over 12 years now in Grenoble working for HP, as well as a year on a student placement near Geneva in 1994 and numerous holidays when I was cycling in the mountains somewhere in France.



And what do you do for HP?

I am a member of the notebook Engineering team in the PSG Supply Chain. I spent the first seven years working in IT Support before moving to the Supply Chain five years ago.




What is your role in the CdC team?

I’m an accompagnateur and photographer. My main hobby is photography, and I love people photography and sport photography. With three different lenses, I will be able to cover the CdC event from numerous views. You can expect lots of photographs from the four days with landscapes, our team and the people in and around the event.




Do you run?

A little more these days. My background is road cycling and I spent many years racing in events around Grenoble over the Alpine climbs, and the finish at Les Arcs is also a special place for me. I have cycled the climb, and it was on this climb in 1996 in the Tour de France that the five times Tour winner, Miguel Indurain, was dropped from the front group when trying to win his sixth consecutive Tour de France.